Your home is likely to be your single biggest investment and one of the largest financial transactions you'll ever make.  When you sell, you want to get the best price and the most favorable terms that fit your needs and goals. However there's much more to selling a home than putting a "For Sale" sign in the front yard. There are many elements that go into the sale that need to be professionally and effectively done in order for your home transaction to go smoothly from start to finish.

The best way to make sure you sell your home for the best price, and in the shortest amount of time, is to work with one of our full service, experienced brokers.  We're educated in every aspect of the listing process from determining an accurate list price, creating marketing that will promote the home effectively, negotiating the terms of the contract, inspections, appraisals and guiding the transaction through to the close of escrow.

The Seattle market is currently a great one to be a seller in with low inventory and high demand in 2018.   There are elements to the listing process which can help you as the seller take advantage of this market and garner the best terms and price for your property.  That starts with an accurate evaluation of the market value of your home.  

Determining an accurate market value is much more intensive than an automated value created by a website algorithm.  It requires an in-depth, in-person review of the property and all of its characteristics, elements and details.  That information is then evaluated along with recent similar sales as well as current competition in the market to determine the best potential pricing strategy for your property.   In this age of technology with websites such as Zillow and Redfin producing value estimates for properties based on only public available data, there is nothing more accurate than having one of our professionals evaluate all of the necessary elements that go into determining a true and correct market value for your property.  

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you about your property and do a free, no sales pressure market evaluation for you.  At a minimum you may find out that you have more equity that you thought, or you might be better off waiting a bit before considering selling to maximize your return.  Our goal is to provide you with our honest and thorough evaluation of your property and its potential to be listed, promoted and sold in the current Seattle area market.   

Upon completion of the market evaluation we will review with you our marketing plan for your property.  We tailor each marketing plan specific to the property and its characteristics and target market.  Our marketing plans include the following elements:


We will provide you with a current Comparative Market Analysis and will assist you in determining the most effective list price for your property based upon the details within the analysis and evaluation of the current market.


We will furnish you with a computer generated estimate of the proceeds you can expect from the sale of your property. This proceeds calculation is quite accurate based upon all the necessary details particular to your home and potential transaction.  The net proceeds calculator may also help determine the price that you’d find acceptable during contract negotiations.


To command a premium price, you must put your home in top condition prior to placing it on the market. We will give you specific guidance on how to prepare your home and how to stage it prior to showings so that your home will sell itself.  We'll also walk through your home with you, making notes and give you advice and input on any elements which will help enhance how your home will show to a prospective buyer.


A beautiful home will practically sell itself--but only if buyers come to see it. Nothing can get buyers through the door of your home like high quality pictures We have professional photographers which we use for all of our listings. They take a large number of high definition digital photos and we review them jointly with you to make sure we are all satisfied with how they will show and present your home to prospective buyers. The best pictures will be computer enhanced using photo imaging software and stored for use with the internet, email, flyers and mailings to create professional marketing materials for your home.


Did you know that nearly 90% of home buyers report using the internet to search for a home? (Only 31% use home books/magazines, and less than 5% use newspapers). It is essential to list your home online, especially on the four biggest real estate search portals on the web:,,, and  We put your listing on each of these sites at the same time it goes live on the MLS to provide the broadest reach of avenues for potential buyers to find your property.  We also feature your property under our Featured Listings section on our Seattle Area Real Estate website.


We also use social networking sites to get the word out about your home. We have profiles on Twitter,  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Using these sites to promote your property gives it additional exposure to a broader audience.


Your property will have a full color flyer designed by a professional using the high quality digital photographs we had taken.  These flyers are available in a box at the listing as well as inside the property for prospective buyers to take with them after their viewing.


Our bold all black sign with white lettering stands out amongst a market which typically has white based signs. Our signs typically generate a good number of buyer calls and inquiries.


The Northwest Multiple Listing Services covers 23 counties and exposes your property to 25,000 agents with thousands of potential buyers. We will prepare a plan for your property to appear in the MLS including professional and enticing marketing remarks that will sell the attributes of the property. This information will be submitted in a timely manner with the maximum photos for the property's debut on the market to achieve maximum impact at initial listing.


We always personally answer telephone calls whenever we can. Our brokers don't hide behind a voice mail system to screen calls, use assistants or only answer and return them between certain hours as some brokers do.


As part of the marketing of your property we send a full color flyer via email to over 8000 brokers throughout the entire Seattle metro area.


Every major real estate brokerage that has NWMLS on their website will have your listing included on their site and it will be able to be found by any buyers searching there.  Note that some websites (Trulia and Zillow) are not tied to the NWMLS directly but we will post your property for sale on those sites as well.


On every new listing, we search our database for prior clients that have called looking for a home like yours.  We contact top selling agents we know in the area by phone in addition to email and promote your home to them.


All files and contacts are personally handled by your broker, they will personally review all contracts, documents, inspections, reports, escrow forms and instructions. You are never referred to an inexperienced assistant, associate or broker not familiar with your property or sale.


We will provide you with information regarding a home warranty on the operating systems of your house to increase the marketability of your property and help reduce your liability to the buyer.


We will review offers with you as they are presented and will negotiate on your behalf to reach a purchase agreement that meets your needs and goals


We will seek financial qualifying information on all buyers submitting a purchase offer. Our goal will be to make sure that any buyer is financially capable of completing the purchase with the terms that they are offering.


We will coordinate and handle all inspections related to the sale of your home such as home inspection, pest inspection, roof inspection etc.


As your broker we will keep you informed of the progress of escrow and help with any problems that may occur with contingency removals (financing, inspections, etc.).  Maintain constant contact with lender, closing officer, title/escrow company, attorneys, appraiser, home inspector, and any other entities involved in the closing.  Help arrange and conduct the buyer walk-through before closing.

We at Northwest Premier Brokers look forward to learning more about you, your property and assisting you with the evaluation, marketing and sale of it in the future.